5 Key Cryptocurrency Market Insights

To the uninitiated, the cryptocurrency market can be tough to understand. It’s full of jargon and buzzwords that might be foreign to you if you aren’t immersed in the scene.

Making strategic professional moves or even personal investments can be a challenge. It’s best to make them confidently by gleaning understanding through key cryptocurrency market insights – like these.

1.  Transparency in the payment system is seen as one of the most important driving factors impacting cryptocurrency growth.

Investors increasingly seek transparency in the cryptocurrency market and it is expected to become more transparent in upcoming years.

The use of cryptocurrency by banks, insurance companies, and financial services companies is expected to increase, and with it, record keeping and customer account information will increase transparency and trader confidence.

2.  By 2030, the eCommerce and retail sectors are projected to account for the largest segments of the cryptocurrency market.

Currently, eCommerce and retail exchangers account for the second-largest segment in cryptocurrency, trailing slightly behind traders.

However, these two segments are expected to outgrow trading within the next 10 years, as more and more companies in retail and online accept cryptocurrencies as a medium.

Other large uses of cryptocurrency are remittance payments and peer-to-peer transactions.

3.  Security concerns currently limit the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method.

Cryptocurrencies are unauthorized and decentralized. These features in part liberate the medium of exchange from burdensome central regulations – but they come at a price.

Security concerns, specifically misuse and abuse of cryptocurrencies, prevent them from being accepted more widely as a payment medium. For instance, identity fraud complaints doubled between 2013 and 2016, making many leery of digital currency.

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However, with increased regulations, there are hopes among users that more in the retail and eCommerce sectors will be more welcoming of the use of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment – which is actually expected.

4.  While the largest cryptocurrency market is in North America, markets in Japan, Taiwan, and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region are expected to boom.

Currently, North America makes up the largest share of the cryptocurrency market. But that may not be for long.

Specifically, entities in Japan and Taiwan have taken favorable stances towards some cryptocurrencies, accepting them as a medium of exchange.

Despite the looming growth in the Asia Pacific market, positive trends are expected in Europe and in the Middle East, and Africa as well.

5.  Regulation concerns still dominate global attitudes towards cryptocurrency and are impacting its acceptance as a medium of exchange.

Regulation is still forthcoming, but it makes some investors leery. So far, New York state has created a licensing system – but it has only been issued sparingly. At this point, the markets, at the state level, federal level, and internationally, remain largely free.

This makes some investors cautious, as laws regulating exchange and possession can quickly impact the value of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Market Insights “Made to Order”

Entering the cryptocurrency market can be daunting, especially if you (like many) don’t really understand what exactly all the data means.

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