5 Reasons behind the popularity of Louvre Windows in Melbourne

It has been quite some time now that Louvre Windows have been an important component of homes in Australia. Besides evolving in function as well as design, Louvre Windows in Melbourne are easier to operate, weatherproof, and when compared to traditional designs, these windows are manufactured from better materials, making them suitable for both classic and contemporary homes. 

Here are the five reasons why louvre windows continue to be popular in the renovation and home building segment. 

(1) Energy Efficiency: Louvre Windows in Melbourne are not only mere pretty accessories on your windows, but they also help in minimizing the home’s energy consumption. Louvre windows allow easy escape of the steamy air, thus lowering the moisture build-up.

This is the reason why they are considered a great alternative to exhaust fans in laundry rooms and bathrooms. You can also use them in various rooms across the home for cooling and ventilation purposes, thus reducing the requirement for air conditioning and fans. 

(2) Air Flow: One of the obvious benefits of installing Louvre Windows in Melbourne is efficient airflow. In comparison to regular windows, louvre windows, through effective ventilation, facilitate consistent airflow into the home, keeping the interior healthy, cool and comfortable.

In sharp contrast to awning or casement windows, louvre windows remain unaffected by the direction of the wind. These installed can be installed at any height, even high up for ventilation purposes in rooms with taller ceilings. You can easily handle these louvres by making use of a handy map rod.

(3) Privacy: Louvre Windows in Melbourne combine great ventilation with a high level of privacy. You get Louvre Windows in Melbourne in a variety of coloured and frosted glass options and thus serving the purpose of enhanced privacy. Privacy of the occupants is completely ensured as these windows can be tilted at different angles without affecting the flow of fresh air into the home. This feature makes them ideal for private spaces in the home such as bedrooms and bathrooms. 

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(4) Natural Light: The amount of light entering a room can be ideally controlled by Louvre Windows in Melbourne. If you leave these windows completely open or if they are made with clear glass, they will flood your home with natural light. On the other hand, you have the option of energy-efficient coloured or frosted glass louvre windows to control and reduce the entry of heat and light into your home. 

(5) Easy Cleaning: Louvre windows are easier to clean than regular windows. You can clean both sides of the window from inside the home. This is particularly useful for windows that are situated on higher floors which are not easily accessible from outside. 

Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne 

Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne are a brilliant addition to any home that provide a stunning contemporary environment to work, play and rest.  Once you install bi-fold doors, you can easily open up your home without the need to compromise on the amount of open space you can bring in, while at the same time, being the focal point of any dining extension, kitchen or lounge. Here are some of the fantastic benefits that you stand to get from Bi-Fold Doors. 

(1) Flood your home with natural light: No matter whether your door is open or closed, Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne allow maximum sunlight into your home. Install these doors and turn a normally dark room into a space full of life and zest where you would be spending most of your time. 

(2) Outside/Inside Living: Once you install Bi-Fold Doors, you need not physically be outside to feel that sense of freedom. Unlike the conventional sliding doors, Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne can be folded right back and thus you benefit from getting greater space. Experience the comfort of being indoors while enjoying your ideal space as well. 

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(3) Take up little space: Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne, when open, take up very little space. Thus, they cause virtually no disturbance to your home’s natural flow. While patio doors slide behind another door or window, Bi-Fold Doors can collapse back on themselves thus offering the benefit of opening up your wall completely.

(4) Flexibility: Bi-Fold doors can be opened to any width within the frame and customised when the leaves split. The way the Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne can be folded to the left or right or can be opened into or out of a room makes them far more flexible than sliding or normal doors. 

(5) Security: Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne feature multi-point locking systems, high-security hinges, and internally beaded frames which adds a greater level of security to these doors. Other types of glass doors tend to have just a single locking point.  

Key Takeaway:

Thus, it goes without saying, that when it comes to renovating your house, Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne and Louvre windows can come in handy. These significantly add value to even the most drab and dingy-looking homes. 

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