Aesthetic Stoner Room Decor Ideas

Condé Nast states, “There are so many tasteful ways to incorporate cannabis into your home. , from sculptures and floral arrangements to quilts and coffee table books.” Whether you’re repurposing a bar cart for a buffet, collecting functional artwork, or setting the mood to uplift with soft lighting, here are three room decor ideas to elevate your space.

  1. Show off your stash:-

Forget hiding your bong in the closet. With the days of Prohibition mostly behind us, cannabis products and accessories are finally at home with brick-and-mortar enthusiasts looking to showcase weed instead of—or alongside—alcoholic spirits in their home bars. For inspiration, take cues from the stylish folks at Sensi, who transformed a purpose-built bar cart to help ‘spark this interior styling trend’. It’s a fitting evolution for a cocktail cart that was “first popularized during the classy and proper Victorian era. late-1800s, known then as a ‘tea cart'” according to Amelia McDonell-Parry’s article, “The History of Bar Carts”.


While your typical bar might include decanters, drinkware, coasters and openers, a bud bar can be stocked with functional art objects, glasses and stylish smoking accessories such as coasters, papers and grinders to choose from. . Elevating the aesthetic, Stoner weed tapestry finds purveyors of sleek, modern smokeware like Laundry Day, Yew Yew Shop, and Humble Pride Glass. Meanwhile, ceramicists like Stonedware Co., Wandering Bud, High Art Headshop, and Seth Rogen’s Houseplant Ceramics deal in one-of-a-kind pieces of art. You’ll even find traditional pieces repurposed, like these Mosser milk glasses. mason jars for goodies’ in the selection alongside the patterned rolling paper sets from Papers+Ink.

  1. Devote yourself to the art of dance:-

Of course, decorating with hemp doesn’t have to be so practical. Craftsmen, decorators and do-it-yourselfers from all over the world embrace the plant as a source of inspiration as well as an object of appreciation. Examples of hemp decor run the gamut from botanical illustrations and needle hoops to whimsical wall art and textiles with weed leaf motifs. Even high street brands like Jonathan Adler simultaneously glamorize and normalize cannabis for a mainstream audience. Those lucky enough to be based in Los Angeles or Las Vegas can even order 420 flower arrangements from Love Pot, while green thumbs can watch Manny Cannabonsai. teaching in the art of growing expressive autoflowering plants.

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And hey, don’t be swayed by Architectural Digest’s definition of “tasteful.” Pillows in the shape of giant cubes or printed to look like freezer bags full of grass are cheerful and fun.

  1. Create spaces for consumption:-


Aside from accentuating your space with functional pieces and weed motifs, other interior design considerations are more experiential and focused on creating a cozy and comfortable environment for cannabis consumption – essentially Decor Ideas Hygge culture for pot. Creating the right environment for a hike can be as easy as dimming the lights or arranging the coffee table with clumsy toys and interesting books. But for the more invested, imagine glowing pink neon or a Himalayan salt lamp that radiates good vibes.

In this case, the emphasis is less on having fun and socializing with cannabis, but more on self-care, relaxation and personal space: Do you love to soak in a CBD bath? Stock up on hemp candles and borrow inspiration like Decor Ideas a spa. Enjoy a few chips before bed? Consider a weighted blanket or delicate linens.

These stone decoration ideas will not only elevate your space, they can influence your mood, inspire creativity or help you relax.

  1. A place for friends:-


Create a comfortable gathering spot in your living room, family room, den or basement by arranging cushions around a low coffee table or on a sectional sofa or bench-style seating. Moroccan poufs can be used as small tables or extra seating and are perfect for a bohemian style. East Indian fabrics, pillows and cushions are brightly colored with embroidered details and patterns that work well too.

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Pull a funky color from a fabric or rug pattern onto the walls or at least an accent wall like turquoise, crimson, coral or tangerine. Before making your final selection, paint a few sample boards and move them around the room for a few days. Geometric or abstract wallpaper patterns with a retro feel go beautifully with layers of patterns on rugs, cushions and tapestries.


  1. Wall and Ceiling Decorations:-


Hang colorful tapestries depicting fantasy landscapes, tie dyes, fascinating patterns, mandalas and celestial or spiritual symbols on the walls. Hang a sheer fabric or hang cotton tapestries on or from the ceiling

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