How to Draw A Cartoon Banana

How to Draw A Cartoon Banana. There is a rich history of fruits and other foods depicted in art. It is often done as a serious still life, but sometimes We can also humorously depict fruits.

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Now that’s what we want to show you while you learn to draw a cartoon banana!

This tutorial will show you a new funky side of this popular fruit. Bananas can be surprisingly difficult to draw properly at the best of times, and that’s true in cartoon style, too.

The steps we have prepared for you will show you how fun and easy it can still be!

How to Draw A Cartoon Banana

Step 1

Let’s start very simply with this first step of our tutorial. Bananas are fairly simple in shape and structure, and when unpeeled is one of the easiest fruits to grow.

They may be easier than others, but the challenge is finding the right shape.

This can be even more difficult if the banana is unpeeled, like the one we’re going to draw now.

But don’t worry, we’ll show you how you can make things easier for yourself! First, we’ll draw the bottom half of this banana.

You can do this with a curved stripe to complete the curved figure in our reference image. Finish off by adding a small rounded section at the end, and then we can continue.

Step 2

For the second step of this guide to drawing a cartoon banana, we’ll draw the peel that will separate from the part you just drew.

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Each peeling section is drawn with some very curvy and rounded lines. The left part is part of the section you drew in the previous step, with no lines in between.

The one in the middle is drawn as a separate section down to the side. Finally, the right one is attached to the severed section of the middle shell.

If this sounds complicated, it becomes much clearer when looking at the reference image!

Step 3

You’ve created the outline for the peel of this cartoon banana drawing, and now we’ll draw some details on it before moving on to the banana itself.

These details are easy to add! If you’ve ever peeled a real banana, you know that there’s a smooth outer part with a rough inner part, and these details show that rough inner part.

Just use a few more curved lines to represent this inner section on the peeled banana peel. Again, follow the reference image closely for this part!

Step 4

In this fourth step of our guide, we’ll draw the banana itself and add some cool twists too!

First, draw the body of the banana sticking out of the skin with a single long, rounded line.

However, this is not just any ordinary banana! This one will have a face and wear some accessories.

You can show this banana’s coolness by adding a pair of sunglasses. These are flat on top and have two rounded sections on the bottom.

We will then finish the face and all other final details in the next step of the guide.

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Step 5

In this fifth step of our how to draw a cartoon banana guide, you will finish the facial details for this cool guy.

Draw A Cartoon Banana

First, draw some lips under the glasses with small rounded lines. Next, please give it some attitude by drawing eyebrows over the glasses.

After you’ve drawn those final details, add some of your own!

You could give him more interesting accessories or create a background containing other cool fruits.

These are just a few ideas, but what else can you think of to add to the scene?

Step 6

Your cartoon banana drawing looks great! One thing that can make a great drawing even better is a little color, and that’s what we’re going to focus on in this final step.

Cartoon Banana Drawing

Real bananas have a beautiful yellow color scheme, which we’re depicting here.

This guy is hot and has a lot of attitude, so let’s adjust it by using bright and striking yellows for the skin with softer tones for the inside.

This goes with this cool cartoon banana, but you could choose many other colors too!

Your Cartoon Banana Drawing is Finished!

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