How To Promote Your Book On Facebook and Instagram

Writing a book is not an easy thing to do. It requires days of sleepless nights, brainstorming, edits, rewrites, and the most crucial thing; forcing yourself to pick a pen and write. It requires a lot of dedication and motivation to write a book. Even the most famous writers have struggled in completing a book.

The hard work doesn’t end here once the book is written you need to proofread for errors because you do not want to forward something that has blunders. Another concern for the writers is where to get it published. Finding the right agent can be burdensome but once it gets published the next trouble is where can you promote it online to get more readers and make money.

When you search for a book or an author, the first thing that appears on google is the Wikipedia page. Have you ever thought of How To Get A Wikipedia Profile for your book? If not then you should beyond any thought consider making one or you can utilize the social media platforms discussed below for promotion.

Here are some platforms where you can promote your book online and get readers to know about your book:


Facebook is a huge platform with billions of users active daily. Create an author account that focuses only on the promotion of your book. Include all the details of your books. Join groups where you can post stuff related to your book. You’d find bookworms all over Facebook groups. If the genre of your book is fantasy, join groups that have content posted related to fantasy and then post regarding your book. Be interactive with the group members, and let them ask you questions through a live session.

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Facebook ads are another good way to promote your book, advertisements can target your audience as it has been effective for many authors.  Ads pop up regularly so that means people on Facebook will get to know about your book daily. It will also help you make crazy sales. The stronger the promoting tactics will be the merrier the results you will get.

Collaboration with other authors is yet another way to promote your art.  You can find many authors that are willing to collaborate for promotion on Facebook groups and pages.


For authors, Instagram is the best platform for promoting books online. It helps you build an audience as an author. You can boost your sales by doing giveaways, and giving them discounts when they give detailed feedback after reading your book. With over 600 million users on Instagram imagine a community that loves to read a book and is looking for an account that only serves book-related content. You can also use hashtags to create awareness of book reading. Include the benefits of reading and how it can advance their vocabulary.

Take aesthetic pictures that showcase your book with a nice hot cup of coffee. Coffee and book are a match made for each other. Post regularly to build interest in your readers. You may also want to read out your book, for that you need to set up an hour or so for your followers, the best is to make a poll and ask them what time suits them best, and a session with them will make them buy a hard copy of your book so that they indulge into reading with you.

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Both platforms have so much to provide to authors. Except for just scrolling and watching entertaining videos one can make the most of such platforms for their book promotion and make money out of it.


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