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While an end of the week escape to Coorg could sound something excessively stereotypical, you’ll be shocked to realize that the locale makes them stun journey trails, giving various chances to travel lovers for investigating the whole district encompassed by the Western Ghats. Plan The Unplanned has previously taken you up there till Tadiyandamol, Kopatty, Nishani Motte and different spots, however presently it is the ideal time to head towards another new objective, Kumara Parvatha.

Kumara Parvatha Trek:


Kumara Parvatha, likewise prevalently known as Pushpagiri (5624 feet above ocean level), is the second-most noteworthy mountain having a place with the Western Ghats mountain ranges arranged in the Kodagu locale of Karnataka, after Tadiandamol. Whenever contrasted with different trips around here, Kumara Parvatha is somewhat harder, however in any case, gorgeous. The traveling trail goes through the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, and you’ll get very close with nature during this excursion.

Kumara Parvatha Trek is situated in the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a biodiversity hotspot in Tamil Nadu. The wildlife sanctuary covers a wide range of habitats such as tropical evergreen forest and grasslands.It is just an hour long drive from Kodaikanal town to Kumara Parvatha on the rocky mountainside. The journey is an arduous one, but it offers breathtaking views of the hills and valley below.

This is one of the most difficult treks that are easily available in and around Bangalore. The trek starts from Doddaballapura and ends at Chikkajala Lake; with a height gain of about 1800 meters. Along the way, you’ll get to see some breathtaking views of the city, which is completely unplanned.

Main Attractions:

  • Deanse Forest Trail – 

The Kumara Parvatha journey gets going from the thick woodland, with trees so tall that they block daylight from entering the ground. There is next to no daylight that enters through the trees.

  • Views of Western Ghats – 

Western Ghats are nature’s best safeguarded secret! The perspectives you get of the Ghats from the Kumara Parvatha trail are totally stunning. Only for this, the trip is a should do.

  • The Vast Grasslands – 

The prairies after the woodland segment are a treat to the eyes. regardless in the event that you journey in the post-storm months or cold weather months – – the meadows are either rich green or brilliant brown – – offering something else entirely in each season.

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Difficulties faced during Trekking:

  • Slippery Trails – 

The path turns out to be more interesting during post-storm a long time as the mud and free rock become exceptionally dangerous and incredible mindfulness should taken while cross. Adventurers should be exceptionally cautious with their decision of footwear and ought to really take a look at weather conditions outlines in order to stay away from days with expected weighty downpours.

  • Steep Forest Sections – 

There are many segments in the woods, both on the first and second days that require travelers’ consideration. These segments are exceptionally steep and it expects adventurers to clutch the tree limbs for help while climbing and plunging. Track these segments carefully and carefully with the goal that you don’t harm yourselves.

  • Steep Grassland Section – 

Look out for the steepest area on the whole trip, from Kallu Mantapa to Shesha Parvatha. Albeit the whole journey one way is a rising, this specific area is the hardest to climb. Utilize your journeying shafts to help yourself and ensure you hold your feet immovably in order to not sneak through this segment.

  • Rocks and Boulders – 

There are successive segments, particularly after Kallu Mantapa till the Kumara Parvatha top wherein you should jump over stones and shakes to continue further. Practice alert at the same time, on the grounds that these rocks are tricky post rainstorm and they present risk because of the development of green growth on them.


Trekkers are often astonished by the sheer beauty of the Kumara Parvatha Trek. It offers them a chance to experience some of the most beautiful mountain ranges and waterfalls in India. There are two different routes that one can take while on this trek; they can choose to take a shorter route or they can take an extended route that offers more challenges but also provides better views of the countryside.

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Kumara Parvatha Trek – 

Plan The Unplanned is the first ever long-distance trekking route in the Western Ghats. Trekking to Kumara Parvatha is a must for all those who love to explore new places and experience the beauty of nature.The Western Ghats are home to a rich variety of floral, faunal and avian life. The path that goes through these mountains is rich with views of picturesque waterfalls and amazing rock formations.

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