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Microlight flying is an air sport that has recently gained popularity. Microlight Flying in India was revolutionary in the sense that it gave everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of taking off in the sky, miles above the ground, without the high cost of the usual flying options available. Here we explore the what and how of this adventure sport and the details of microlight flying in India.

What is Microlight Flying?


Microlight flying, also referred to as ultralight flying, is the activity of flying a light aircraft, usually a fixed-wing single or two-seater. Older microlights used manual gliders, so they were noisy and slow. Microlight flights today can cover much greater distances at high speeds of 100 mph. The maximum number of people it can carry is 2, no more than 450 kilograms. You can even buy one for around INR 20k.


Microlight flights can reach heights of up to 9,000 meters and fly at speeds of 290 kilometers per hour. In recent years, microlights have even flown all over the world. They are robust and guarantee a safe flying experience. In the event of an unexpected engine failure mid-flight, microlights are able to land safely thanks to their large wings with high lift and low stall speed.

Best time for Microlight Flying in India


Winter, late autumn and early spring are the best times to try microlight flying. From October to March, skies are usually clearer with a stable atmosphere.


Reservation and price:-


Pre-booking must be done at least one day before departure, as quite a large number of people register. So if you don’t want to be stuck on the day waiting for your turn, be sure to book in advance. The experience costs around Rs 3500 / (approx USD 50). For bookings you can contact them on their facebook page, Micro light flying adventures or their website

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Important information regarding flying the Microlight:-


Criteria and eligibility for solo microlight flying

The required age of the person should be more than 17 years.


This person should have a Microlight Pilot license. To obtain a license, a person must complete a 60-hour training program, which includes at least 40 hours of flying time, and pass an oral and written test conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. The license must be renewed annually and the aircraft should be registered with the appropriate authority. The aircraft is subjected to regular inspections to ensure its quality.

Minimum requirements to fly with a pilot:-


  • Participants must be over 10 years old.
  • The participant should not be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  • Expectant women are strictly prohibited from flying.
  • If you suffer from problems such as Micro light diabetes, neurological disorders, high blood pressure, heart disease or other related health problems, you are expected not to perform this activity.


Documents required:-

  • Valid proof of identity such as passport, PAN card, driving license or voter card.
  • Approximate price
  • 3000 to 5000 INR for 10 minutes flying. Other things covered are flight chargers, pilot fees, briefing, welcome drink and take.


Pilot license:-

The extent to which microlight pilots must be licensed varies by regulatory jurisdiction. In the US, ultralight vehicle pilots are not required to hold any pilot’s license or medical certificate or otherwise meet aviation knowledge, age, or experience requirements.


In the UK, the appropriate version of the National PPL (NPPL) is required to fly a microlight aircraft. This is issued by the ÚCL after successful completion of the prescribed ground and flight training, passing a Micro light skills test and obtaining the corresponding medical certificate is required. Under UK legislation, certain self-launching motor gliders (SLMGs) also fall within the definition of single-seat microlight aircraft. There is no mandatory pilot training or pilot license requirement in the UK and although there is a body that oversees hang gliding and paragliding as in other countries, membership and the corresponding training available is not compulsory.

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Places for Microlight Flying in India


There are total of 3 Micro Light flights in india which are:-


  1. Mysore (Old Airport)

Address: Hangar No-2, Mysore Airport

Cost: INR 5000 for 15 minutes

  1. Jakkur (Bangalore)

Address: Bellary Road, Post, Yelahanka, Bengaluru,

Cost: INR 3333 for 10 minutes

  1. Tambaram (Chennai)

Address: Chennai

Cost: INR 25,000 for two people for 30 minutes

Microlight Flying Safety Tips


It is extremely important that everything in the plane is properly secured, as anything that gets caught in the propeller that is right behind you can lead to big problems. Only one seat belt will secure you.


It is certainly an exciting and one-of-a-kind experience. It’s like flying a motorbike through the air. Next time you’re in Bangalore, you should definitely try microlighting, because microlighting is more affordable than ever in India!

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