Skid Steer Limb Saws: Eliminate Climbing, Improve Safety, and Clear Overhead Obstacles

While articulating brush cutters and skid steer mulchers make short work of most brush and overgrown areas, and tree saws, shears, and stump rippers and grinders can take care of the thicker work, what sort of attachment can you turn to when you need to prune or manage a tree but not absolutely remove it?

A skid steer limb saw. These are the attachments you need when you need to clear overhead obstacles easily, quickly, and efficiently.

Professional Series Skid Steer Limb Saws
A Spartan Equipment Professional Series Skid Steer Limb Saw is likely the last attachment you’ll ever need for clearing overhanging limbs, heavy-duty pruning, and managing standing trees.

Basically, it’s a chain saw mounted on a 12-foot boom pole to give the operator significantly extended reach. The cutting bar is 24”, so this skid steer limb saw is equipped for heavy-duty cutting, clearing, and limbing. It even features an automatic chain oiler.

The Spartan Equipment Industrial Series
If the Spartan Equipment Professional Series Skid Steer Limb Saw won’t make the cut (literally) then the Industrial Series version will.

This one effectively offers all of the features of the Professional Series version and then some. It’s also a chainsaw mounted to a boom pole – but this boom pole is one of Spartan’s T200 series, with a 276” (that’s 23 feet!) reach.

This boom pole also enables hydraulic adjustments to saw the position, cutting angle, blade feed, and more. It allows for efficient, heavy-duty trimming and cutting up to 33 feet. The saw also uses a .404” chain and features 90° travel for full-powered cuts. It can rotate 360° in order to reach any branch or accommodate any cutting angle.

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This model vastly expands the capabilities of a skid steer beyond overhead pruning, cutting, and long-clearing; the lifter arm has many agricultural and general purposes, lifting, and loading, too.

Why Skid Steer Limb Saws?
Skid steer limb saws vastly improve efficiency and safety by eliminating climbing, and keeping the operator safe on the ground; they also expand the cutting ability of the operator by empowering him with larger, heavier-duty cutting equipment capable of clearing larger, heavier limbs.

These skid steer boom-mounted tree saw attachments are ideal for municipalities and forestry departments, timber companies, farmers, contractors, utilities companies, landscapers and more, and can be used to trim, prune, clear dangerous overhanging limbs, and much more.

Why Spartan Equipment Skid Steer Limb Saws?
If you’re looking for attachments for skid steer loaders, tree limb saws or otherwise, there is only one answer: Spartan Equipment.

Spartan Equipment produces attachments that will Never Surrender. They are the toughest in the industry, and made with pride in America using American steel. Many of them are also covered by generous warranties (see for details) and are eligible for free ground shipping.

Don’t gamble on expensive attachments when money and safety are at stake. Make an investment in attachments that are proven by time, expertise and experience. Visit their website via the link above or get in touch with them at 1-888-888-1085 for more information.

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