Ten ways social bookmarking websites help you in website SEO

Do you know what social bookmarking is? If not, you’re in for a treat! Social bookmarking websites is a great way to keep track of your favorite websites and share them with others. But that’s not all they can do – social bookmarking sites also play an essential role in website SEO. Here are ten ways social bookmarking benefits your website SEO efforts:

  1. Indexing:

When you submit your website to a social bookmarking sites, it gets indexed by search engines. This helps create links to your site, improving your ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Besides this, social bookmarking also helps build a relationship between your website and the social bookmarking site, making it more likely that your website will be indexed faster by the search engine.

  1. Traffic:

If you want traffic on your website then the social bookmarking is best option for you. When you submit your website to a social bookmarking site, it is shared with other site members. If they like what they see, they will visit your website, increasing your traffic. However, to get the most out of social bookmarking, you must ensure that your website is exciting and informative. If your website is not attractive, you waste your time.

  1. Ranking:

As mentioned earlier, links from other websites are one of the factors used by Google and other search engines to rank websites. By submitting your site to social bookmarking sites, you are creating links back to your site, which can help improve its ranking in the SERPs. However, it is very important to ensure that all the links are created equal. You should submit your website to high-quality social bookmarking sites to benefit from social bookmarking.

  1. Brand exposure:
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As people save and share your website on different social bookmarking sites, they will see your branding and logo. This increases awareness of who you are and what you offer, helping drive traffic and conversions long-term. So, if you want to increase brand exposure for your website, social bookmarking is a great way to do it.

  1. Credibility:

When others see that your website has been bookmarked and shared by others online, they will have greater confidence in doing business with you. This increased trust can lead to more sales and conversions down the road. We recommend you to submit your website on high-quality social bookmarking sites to benefit from social bookmarking.

  1. Reciprocal linking:

Many social bookmarking sites allow users to add their websites as link partners. This gives you the opportunity for reciprocal linking, which provides even further benefits for both parties involved. When you link to another website, they are more likely to link back to you, which can help improve your ranking in the SERPs. In addition, reciprocal linking can also help increase traffic to both websites.

  1. Keyword-rich titles:

Most social bookmarking sites allow users to submit keywords along with their bookmarks. These keywords get indexed by the search engines, giving you another opportunity for valuable SEO exposure. However, you should only submit keywords that are relevant to your website. Otherwise, you could be penalized by search engines for keyword stuffing.

  1. Increased web page views:

As people visit the different social bookmarking pages where your website has been saved, they may click through to view your entire website. This increased web page view counts as another positive factor when it comes time for Google or any other search engine to determine how high up on their results pages should be displayed

  1. Improved connection with customers & followers:
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One of the great things about being active on various social media platforms such as Twitter & Facebook is that customers & followers often look for interesting content they can share with their friends online. What better way to include exciting tidbits from blog posts or articles than via Social Bookmarking Sites? So when it comes to promoting content, social bookmarking should definitely be one of your go-to strategies.

  1. Aids In Identifying Trends:

Saving posts or articles that pertain latest trends either in Fashion or Technology etc, as well as anything else, could mean getting clicks ahead of competition due process if timed correctly because these items would generally be picked up quickly off the trending topics list over most major news sources thereby faster than say waiting for an entire article roundup on next day edition newspaper read leisurely! All valid reasons behind using Social Bookmarking Sites – So, start utilizing some today.

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