The Employee’s Leave Management System – A Review


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In a hectic business environment, large companies, especially the largest ones, have difficulty managing a massive workforce, their leaves attendance, and others. However, the introduction of employee leave management software has transformed this tedious job into quick, automated, and easy management. This software’s accuracy is high, and the time required is minimal. Most of the processes involved with managing leave for employees are automated with these programs. A variety of leave management systems can be integrated into payroll and reduce up to 30% of costs for payroll.

Some of the benefits and features of  leave management system include :


Since it’s an application that runs on computers, all calculations are automated, which means that the error rate is decreased to a minimum. The data updates are timely as well as the precision is remarkably high.


The system has been created so that there is total transparency in the approval method for leave. Every employee has a dashboard that displays available leaves, the number of used leaves and requests for leave, approbations, pending approvals, the complete history month-wise, leave-wise, and so on. Managers are also given their own dashboards for approving leaves and displaying their team’s leave records.


As previously mentioned, most of the process is automated. Sending out requests for leave, and approval of the same or updating the same on the payroll or leave management system is quick and easy. Hence, this speeds up the entire system for managing leave.

Company Policy Circulation: 

Every employee is updated with the latest employee policy information and changes as the whole system is designed individually for each company. These policies cannot be altered by the head of the company or a manager without the company’s permission. This is to prevent unfair practices, such as discrimination or favoritism.

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Employee Availability Information Immediately accessible:

The data is immediately available. Managers can check the availability and non-availability of their employees with the press of one button. All the information they need can be found on their dashboard. They can also manage their team and leave better since they know the request for leave and the deadlines for approvals and projects.

Employment Law Adherence:

Because the management systems for employees are designed with in mind the laws of the employees and guidelines of the country’s government, it is pretty simple to adhere to the law. It’s automatic compliance with the laws governing employment. This helps to keep any government law compliance problems.

Disciplined Approach:

Leave management is an open system for employees and adherence to labor law. This helps them stay on time and helps instill discipline in them. All the information is available that is exact, right in front of your eyes, regardless of whether you’re an employee or a manager. All information is clear.

Time Saving/Green:

In the past, a lot of paperwork was required for making leave requests, getting their approval, etc. When leave management is automated, the paperwork is reduced to nil, and it’s even more efficient and instant. Therefore, it assists companies in reducing their carbon footprint and carbon footprints.

These sophisticated software programs have been integrated into divisions and employee management units. Software companies are constantly upgrading their systems and introducing new enhancements to their systems to assist businesses in managing their workforce effectively with employee management systems that save time, money, and resources.

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Different kinds of leaves:

A variety of leaves can be ordered and delivered through the firm.

  • Earned and Privileged Time (EL)

They are provided to employees working for an organization for a specific time. For instance, an EL is provided by certain firms for 23 days. Employees can take these leaves without salary reductions, provided the company’s management approves them. Additionally, you can combine these leaves.

  • (CL) Casual (CL) Take

The leave is only for a limited period and must be ratified by the manager in writing. Employees can only have seven days of unpaid leave at a period of.

  • Sick Leave (SL)

Workers can request leave when they are sick and unable to work. Employees who have been suffering for a long time might need to show an official medical certificate.

  • The Without Payment (LWP)

Employees who utilize all their leave but still require more leave will be deprived of their earnings if the policy on leave permits employees to alter their leave times to accommodate their future leave.

  • Compensatory Off or Comp Off

Employees on holidays have the right to take additional time off from work than they earn.

  • Maternity Leave (ML)

Indian women have the right to take an unpaid parental leave of up to 26 weeks when the work is less than days in the 12 months before delivery. But, once the baby is born of the second child, the entitlement for another child becomes limited by 12 weeks.

  • Marriage Leave

In India, it is illegal. Employees are entitled to as long as 15 days’ leave. Many companies provide three-day marital leave. Only employees in their first marriage may take advantage of this type of leave. This is typically granted to a single employee by the majority of companies.

  • P.T. Leave to Paternity

This kind of leave allows the father to care for the infant child and his mother. The time allowed for leave can differ according to the company’s policy. It could be between 2 – and four weeks.

  • Bereavement Leave

An employee may use this time off if someone in the family has passed away. Employees may use this time to mourn, participate in funeral ceremonies, and care for their issues. The length of leave granted to employees can be different in accordance with the company’s policy. It can range from 2 to 20 working days.

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