The rise of padel court tennis

With the global popularity surrounding padel growing bigger and bigger every year, we have seen the popularity of padel in Dubai increase too. Over recent years, more padel courts have been opened in Dubai and the sport is starting to become increasingly popular all over the United Arab Emirates. For those who are new to padel, or haven’t found a good padel court yet, we have listed some tips for playing padel in Dubai.






Padel In The UAE

Whilst motor sports and football are two of the most beloved sports in Dubai and the UAE, tennis is also seen as a big event in itself. As padel is a racket sport as well and can be seen as a mix of tennis and squash – it’s the perfect sport to pick up on!so look for padel court near me 

If you are new to paddle tennis, you may not know that paddle tennis is played in pairs. This makes paddle an ideal sport for groups of friends. It’s a very social game! To prepare for your first paddle game, we recommend learning how to play paddle so that you are fully prepared. Paddle rules are different from tennis or squash, so check out our beginner’s guide to paddle for the most important rules and some tips on how to start playing paddle.

You can also contact PadelPadelPadel’s information center for more information on

paddle technology.

Where to Play Padel in Dubai

So gather your friends, put on your workout clothes and find a padel court near you. Dubai has several great paddle courts where you can have fun with your friends. You can find our favorites below.

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  1. Spanish padel academy al Quoz

This paddle tennis court opened in early March of this year. That is, completely new and fully adapted to the latest rules and trends.

Central Padel Dubai has 7 courts for players, so if you are looking for a great place to play paddle with your family or friends, look no further.




  1. Spanish padel academy al Barsha

Just Padel’s largest padel center with 34 padel courts throughout the city. Some paddle courts can be found at schools, but in general all of these courts can be reserved if you want to play paddle. Book early as this is one of the most popular places to go paddling in Dubai!

  1. Paddle Point

Check out Paddle Point to see an indoor paddle court that also provides paddle tennis equipment. This Padel Court is located in the heart of Dubai, so it is easily accessible if you live in the city. It can get very busy, so reserve your seats before your trip.




  1. Spanish padel academy Al Barari

Another paddle court located in Dubai Spanish padel academy UAE. They offer premium courts that can be easily booked through their website. They also offer private or semi-private rowing sessions where you can have fun with like-minded people and get a good workout at the same time.




Dubai Padel Tournaments

If you’re ready to take your padel skills to the next level, padel tournaments can be a great way to test your skills and compete against other players. Dubai has great paddle tournaments. If you want to be competitive in 2023, the spanish padel academy in November could be for you!

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This is one of the biggest paddle tennis tournaments in Dubai and will be the perfect challenge for paddle tennis fans.


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