Which Rowing Machine Is Right for You?

Looking to get fit but don’t want to spend lots of money on a gym membership? Then why not consider investing some money in a rowing exercise machine that you can use in your very own home. Since there are many different types to choose from, how do you know which rowing machine is right for you? In this article we will offer some tips that will help you to make a more informed decision on which kind to buy. As you search around for this type of equipment, you will find that there are five different kinds to choose from. They are known as the air resistance, water resistance, stamina, electromagnetic and piston type machines. Each will offer you a great workout but in a slightly different way. It just depends on your budget and personal preference decathlon verzendkosten gratis.

If you are someone who is on a limited budget and want to buy rowing machine, models that utilize a piston system are your best options. Unfortunately, they do not give you much opportunity to make adjustments in which the workout is done. However, they are suitable for those who are first starting out with rowing fitness machines. This is because they do not place very much stress on your muscles. They will certainly provide you with a perfect start in getting fit again. Of course, the other reason why you should consider investing in this type of rowing fitness machine is the modest price. It is a very decent quality machine that will allow you to lose weight and tone your muscles, barely running you just over.


For those who have a little more cash to spend and are more concerned about the level of noise, rowing machines which are fitted with magnets are an excellent option. This particular rowing exercise machine is capable of delivering the same level of performance as all the others but with a significantly lower level of noise. If you would like to get a real similar experience of rowing on water, then of course the water or air resistance models are your best options. Of course, these are a great deal more expensive than the piston models and are capable of making much more noise. But keep in mind that with all the other rowing machines, you will find that they will provide you with a far more intense workout and can help you get into shape fairly quickly.

As a general rule, you should buy fitness equipment that you have already tried and you know for sure you will enjoy using it. There are dozens of different fitness machines available nowadays – whatever you enjoy doing, you can find the right equipment. If you enjoy cardiovascular exercise, like power walking or jogging, you should buy equipment that facilitates that type of movement ergometer. You can have a look at treadmills or elliptical trainers that are designed for home use or you can buy an exercise bike. If you prefer strength training, you can go for benches, dumbbells or power towers and set up your own home gym with a few accessories. If you like to combine cardio with strength training, you can have a machine that offers both, like a rowing machine.

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